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Restaurant "Westphalia"

Distinguished table layout

Variety of hall layouts

Delicious meals

Individual approach

Fresh foodstuffs

Place where you can have rest and refuge from the everyday bustle

The guests of the "Westphalia" restaurant will deservedly appraise its atmosphere of peace amidst flowers and green trees, enjoying live music in the hall or sipping their cocktails in the open fresh air; and, naturally, tasting the gastronomic masterpieces of our chief cook.

The restaurant was named after the German Land Northern Rhine-Westphalia; however, not only national meals ofGermanyabound in its menu.

They wonderfully cook the beef fore shank and the Austrian apple strudel, Belarusian potato pancakes and many other things. The cuisine of any country deserves attention; therefore the range of meals is quite broad: carpaccio and German onion pie; French onion soup and fois gras and many other dishes; as well as pasta, steaks, plurality of garnishes and most palatable desserts! The "Westphalia" Restaurant offers a great choice of beverages; and our professional barman will make one of his customized cocktails for you.

The restaurant is often servicing international events; and its staff members speak German and English.

From 7 to10 a.m., you are offered various and cheap breakfasts; and from 12:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. – business lunches. Discount cards are available for our permanent clients. A free, comfortable and vast car park is another attractive feature of the "Westphalia" Restaurant.

The restaurant is equally popular among diplomats andMinskresidents, while the personnel are always happy to welcome guests. Exclusive cuisine, high-quality servicing and adherence to traditions are the three pillars that make the "Westphalia" Restaurant so popular.

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